• The BMW Car Club of Victoria brings together BMW enthusiasts from all walks of life under the umbrella of our shared love of the Marque. We offer a wide range of activities and access to member only services.
  • The Club Permit scheme allows members of car clubs to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network. Vehicles must be at least 25 years old to participate in the scheme.
  • The BMW Car Club of Victoria offers several opportunities each year for members (and their partners or friends) to participate in Driver Training or Sprint events at varied locations across the state.
  • Come and join the BMWCCV Group on Facebook. You can use the group to post photos, ask questions and it’s great for buying and selling.

Club Permit Scheme

BMWCCV supports the registration of Vehicles under the Victorian club permit scheme.
Find out more about the application process.


The BMW Car Club of Victoria brings together BMW enthusiasts from all walks of life under the umbrella of our shared love of the Marque.

A Chance to Meet!

We are confident that you will be able to maximise your enjoyment of your BMW by meeting friends and catching up on the latest in BMW news.

Meetings are held monthly and our quarterly magazine Top Marque provides a Journal of past and upcoming events.

A Chance to Learn!

The BMW Car Club is all about Driving. We can help you through training days designed to make you a safer and more confident driver. You are also entitled to a 15% discount on the BMW Driver Training Programme.

A Chance to Compete!

The BMW Car Club is affiliated with the governing body in Australian Motorsport; CAMS. This allows the Club to offer a full range of competitive events suited to all levels i.e Motorkhana, Sprints and Racing at Victoria’s best tracks.

We’ll Keep You Going!

Special rates on servicing and parts apply at selected club sponsors by showing your membership card. The club also carries a library of BMW publications and videos and can help source parts and accessories for older models. The club also operates a Historic Vehicle Permit Scheme to enable collectors of the Marque to register their vehicles at reduced cost.

A Chance to Enjoy!

Day and weekend trips to exotic places, restaurant, winery visits and a National Rally held every second year at Easter. It usually becomes an impressive gathering of BMW enthusiasts and their machines.

A Family Affair!

Everyone is welcome at the club, check out our Calendar for an event that suits.

We hope to see you at an event soon.

BMWCCV Committee


Regardless of your experience level, we all have something to learn. Our driver training days are a great way to experience your vehicle’s limits in a safe, non-competitive environment with minimal wear on you vehicle.
Find out more about our full driver training program.