Club Permit Scheme

BMW Car Club Victoria, Club Permit Registration Procedures           July 2018

Refer to BMWCCV Club Permit Registration Policy for general requirements.
We recommend you further read the full Vicroads requirements on their website at:
The BMWCCV have nominated Rod Smith as the Authorised Officer, to perform the Vehicle Inspections, maintain the Club Register including a Register of Photographs of each vehicle.


Process for obtaining a new Club Permit 

The process for obtaining approval from BMWCCV & necessary paperwork for Vicroads is as follows:
  1. Meet the criteria above by becoming a financial member of BMWCCV &/or ensure your membership is up to date.
  2. For vehicles post 1st January 1949, obtain a Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC) for the vehicle, not more than 28 days old.
  3. For vehicles pre-1949 vehicles, a Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC) can be provided or the club, at the discretion of the BMWCCV Authorised Officer, may conduct their own safety inspection based on Vicroads’ guidelines.
  4. YOU must download from Vicroads & fill in:
  5. Provide ‘Proof of ownership’ of the vehicle i.e. original document showing applicants name as the owner.
  6. Take digital, dated photos as follows:
  7. Front, taken straight on at the front of the vehicle.
  8. Rear, taken straight on at the rear of the vehicle.
  9. Driver’s Side with door closed, taken straight on at the side of the vehicle.
  10. Driving Position, taken on an angle through the driver’s open door showing seat, steering wheel & dash.
  11. Under bonnet showing engine bay.
  12. Compliance Plate or any stamped chassis VIN or engine number.
All photos are to be sent or emailed to me at as individual dated, jpeg files.
Then, you will need to send all the completed forms to BMWCCV Authorised Officer, Rod Smith at PO Box 507 Port Melbourne 3207, including the RWC & dated photos of the vehicles (as above), together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and all paperwork will be signed & returned to you so you can take to VicRoads to complete your registration.
Contact BMWCCV Authorised Officer, Rod Smith to arrange a time to bring your car for inspection, together with both your pre-filled forms, to take photos, and sign all forms as required.
Once the BMWCCV Authorised Officer has approved your car & signed all documents, you will need to take all the paperwork to Vicroads to obtain your plates and logbook.
After new Club Permit Registration is obtained, you are required to advise the BMWCCV Authorised Officer (Rod Smith) of your Registration number and expiry date.


Registration Renewals:

For renewals of existing Club Permit Scheme registrations, the following criteria must be met:
  1. Club Permit renewal applications cannot be signed if more than three months (90 days) after the expiry date of the previous club permit. These will not be accepted by Vicroads and will require a new permit application as above.
  2. Applicants for a Club Permit renewal must be a financial member before submitting a renewal application for signing and must remain a BMWCCV member for the full period of the registration.
  3. As per BMWCCV policy, the car (and member) should attend a club event at least once a year & have their logbook signed by a Committee member. You will be required to show evidence of this at the annual renewal by presenting your signed Log Book.
Alternatively, you can have your car inspected by one of the approved club officers at time of renewal.
  1. Club Permit Registration renewals must be signed by the BMWCCV Authorised Officer or one of the approved BMWCCV signatories
  1. The current approved club officers & signatories are:
    1. Rod Smith       (Port Melbourne BH, Altona AH)        0418 532610
    2. Jeff Murdoch   (Keilor)                                                 0412 335365
    3. Phil Logan       (Bentleigh)                                           0407 555189
    4. Ken Lee          (Kealba)                                              0403 984320
Or, you can send all the completed renewal form to BMWCCV Authorised Officer, Rod Smith at PO Box 507 Port Melbourne 3207, together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to have signed and returned to you so you can take to Vicroads to complete the renewal.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Rod Smith, BMWCCV Authorised Officer at:
or phone: 0418-532610
As approved by BMWCCV Committee